Damir Doma

Spring-Summer 2015 – The S/S15 collection by Damir Doma is played around a dichotomy between opposite elements: darkness – lightness; male – female; hardness – softness.

Transparencies and brocades are used in order to create a balanced androgyny, especially in some pieces like gilet, jackets and coats. Feminine and light fabrics are matched with suede and measured proportions, creating a wardrobe that is classic and very contemporary at the same time. Sometimes the extreme elegance presents some reference also from the sportswear, such as the orange vest made of perforated fabric.

Prevalent colours are blue, white, brown and chamois tones, that are brighten up by flashes of orange. This colour palette contributes to the play of opposition that represents the core characteristic of the brand.

The accessories enforce the androgyny of the collection: sandals are alternated with classic male shoes.

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Written by Ilaria Lorio Albarin

Ilaria studied History of Art and Fashion Studies to explore different visual languages. The more Ilaria studied, the more she became intrigued by Fashion and all the things fashion brings together such as Art, History and Culture.

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