Spring-Summer 2015 – A chic interpretation of the bohemian look is the main inspiration that constitutes the S/S15 by Chloé. The collection is made of the classics of the bhoèmienne style like wide and long dresses, slave sandals, suede and large capes.

Warm tones dominate on the colour palette empowering the natural attitude of the collection: mustard yellow, brick red, characoal, pure white and black.

Lots of different fabrics are used to put together the collection: denim, brocade, suede and lacy cotton. Long lines and large volumes shape softly the silhouettes, while transparencies and extremely detailed lace show the skin underneath the cloths, giving a tactful feeling of freshness and brightness.

Hair & Make up


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Written by Ilaria Lorio Albarin

Ilaria studied History of Art and Fashion Studies to explore different visual languages. The more Ilaria studied, the more she became intrigued by Fashion and all the things fashion brings together such as Art, History and Culture.

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