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Spring – Summer 2014 – You can really on Vionnet to produce beautiful soft dresses which seem so delicate and sweet that they are only fit for a few, they look effortless and yet are master pieces of construction using old techniques with new ones but always ensuring the drape compliments the body. The sugar coated pallet was a continuous of the candy shades we have seen throughout the shows, while the dresses had structure on some with cut away panels which were teamed with a white t-shirt for that toned down glamour with a hint of sport lux.

Tailored jackets and dresses came in the form of origami inspired pieces, which are a nice contrast to the Grecian floor length pieces. It’s elegant and effortless which the full collection no doubt will be season on every red carpet this coming season and most definitely fit for a princess.


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Written by Debbie Hintley

Debbie is a Womenswear Designer who loves every angle of fashion from the origins to the new creations and designers. An avid fan of historical writing and the deconstruction and development of fashion she has worked for leading UK Designers and is passion about more fashion labels being produced within Britain.

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