Thom Browne

Spring-Summer 2014 – Taking a leap out of gothic literature and creating what appeared like a hospital from hell, the ever showman Thom Browne submersed his guest into shaking their perceptions. Prepare to be scared.

Guests wandered along padded walls whilst a maddening, ice-cream van like tinkering illumed. With lights flickering the vision of bandaged mannequins chained to the ceiling became apparent as did the large pill jars and plastic cups arranged on white cabinets boarding the catwalk.

Latex, lace and contouring lines of nipped in waists and Victorian, voluminous sleeves in ghostly white ran throughout. There was a haunting resemblance of the Batman’s villain, The Joker with the models black eyes, whitened complexion and smeared blood-red lipstick. The models seemed to love playing up to the roll of wedding phantom, psychotic ex-bride or any other ghoulish fiend they could imagine. Cocked heads and contorted poses played up to the Havisham embodiment effectively.


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Written by Emma L. Jones

Emma Louise, A fashion and adrenaline junkie who is drawn to bold colours, the controversial as well as the beauty of minimalism. She is fascinated with all things creative and cultural: loves to travel, write and make films that contemplate the psychological and physical aspects of human-life scenarios. Emma is a Photography and Journalism graduate, currently looking after the RTW NY and London fashion weeks.

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