Jean Paul Gaultier

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Spring – Summer 2014 – Grunge meets salsa meets the Gatsby. Jean Paul Gautier never fails in exciting the schedule during fashion week and this collection is dark and sexy, a classic theme for himself. It’s a refreshing sight to see some dark colour themes for the girl who hates pastel colours and wants to create the sexy allure so effortlessly done in the winter season. Leather is used in abundance throughout in jackets and dresses.

The jackets were sharp and all about the biker chic whilst creating ruffles of asymmetric dresses and every piece is about the woman and her body. We move into a mash up of neutrals and reds with the sports influence before jumping right into the Gatsby style dresses which makes us want to pick up our heels and dance the night away. They are sexy and sheer and shimmer in the night; Gaultier knows how to dress a woman whether she is British, Spanish or French as evident in this collection. Gautier’s girl is global as long as she understands sexy, sassy and how to have fun.


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Written by Debbie Hintley

Debbie is a Womenswear Designer who loves every angle of fashion from the origins to the new creations and designers. An avid fan of historical writing and the deconstruction and development of fashion she has worked for leading UK Designers and is passion about more fashion labels being produced within Britain.

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