Emporio Armani

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Spring-Summer 2014 – Emporio Armarni showed today and it was a calm and a subtle affair to what we have seen so far in Milan Fashion week. The shades of colour were subdued with harmonious shades of pale grey and lilacs with a delicate pastel palette. It was key to see his focus was on the two-piece and a very pulled together look, but effortless also. The silhouettes are sharp tailoring and the entire collection feels of a space age essence tone to it.

Prints have been huge so far and the Armani tropical print is toned down which makes the print more appealing, it was a soft affair teamed with the chiffon and silks it was printed on. The collection comes alive at the end with a sexier approach with lurex ribbed fabrics and low front necklines, showing Armani’s girl is innocently sexy and not one to stand out from the crowd for the SS/14 season.


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Written by Debbie Hintley

Debbie is a Womenswear Designer who loves every angle of fashion from the origins to the new creations and designers. An avid fan of historical writing and the deconstruction and development of fashion she has worked for leading UK Designers and is passion about more fashion labels being produced within Britain.

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