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Spring – Summer 2014 – Enrol me in the House of Chanel art college, that was the evident them for Karl Lagerfeld and his collection for Chanel for summer 2013. The collection started off with prep school pieces with a sixties feel to them with the models in cropped blonde wigs. Tweed jackets were made a pop pink colour teaming them with mini dresses with contrasting panel’s capes thrown over them. The silhouettes were tailored and simple keeping them softly skimming the body with hems above and below the knee with tailored pants skimming the ankle.

Elements of girly grunge came in crochet dresses and almost shredded hems in a burst of textile work before we saw grey washed dresses which almost looked like cardboard cut-outs with the rigid cut and flat appearance, very space age element to them too. He then took us to the art school with bursts of colours and prints that looked liked they were accidently painted on in a class. A beautiful collection, as always, reworking classic pieces in a new and refreshing way.


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Written by Debbie Hintley

Debbie is a Womenswear Designer who loves every angle of fashion from the origins to the new creations and designers. An avid fan of historical writing and the deconstruction and development of fashion she has worked for leading UK Designers and is passion about more fashion labels being produced within Britain.

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