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Spring-Summer 2011 – This collection can be summed up in one word: beautiful. The styles, the shapes, the patters, the colours all amalgamated to one big beautiful collection. The predominant focus on white created an angelic palette. This was strengthened by the lace and crochet fabric: both have a nice edge to hemlines, and took the harness out of high necklines. There was a slack gypsy feel with gold hooped earrings, chunky gold necklaces and embellished bags. Soft blossoms, laced corsets, cute puffed cap sleeves and floating maxi dresses created a fresh, carefree appearance. This was softened with the delicacy of the white lace, silk and crochet. Touches of leopard prints spiced up the collection and broke up the dominance of white. Black did this also. Chic and smart black dresses flattered between the white clothing to create a more businesslike manner. Other black dresses gave an edge to the collection, breaking away from pure femininity. The collection finished off with elegance (as if more of that was needed). Silver embellishment on delicate white dresses, skirts and tops ended the collection on a sparkling note. Incredible craftsmanship, elegance and finesse. Dolce & Gabbana have created a wondrous collection which can be epitomised in one word: beauty.

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Written by Zoe Garton

Zoe Garton was one of the first contributors to the Catwalk Yourself project. She has a fervour for fashion and graduated with a BA (Hons) in History at University College London. Zoe is responsible for our Ready-to-Wear and Haute Couture sections.

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