Giorgio Armani

Spring-Summer 2011 – The inspiration: nights in Sahara. The outcome: a compelling piece of craftsmanship that created the theatrical exoticism of the collection. Buttered leather featured once more on the s/s11 catwalks. This time it was softened with silks and chiffon overlays. Entitled ‘Le Femme Bleu’ and set against the back drop of a cinematographic black desert, the unchanging colour scene of blue captured the purpose of the collection. Silk desert turbans added to this purpose. They created a Saharan goddess. A goddess further adorned by the large jeweled neck pieces and scorpion broaches. The simplicity of his collection is telling of Giorgio. The sleek and simple dresses and skirts feature alongside the straight leg trousers. Rows of organza frills on the hips were the only interruption to this minimalistic silhouette and draped single-shouldered pieces caught together with fringing at the back. One must not forget the predominant focus of this collection: the jackets. They came in all styles but one thing that was for sure was the elegance and sophistication of them. This was a classically mature collection from Giorgio Armani. The elegance of the collection symbolises the glamour of Armani’s audience.

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Written by Zoe Garton

Zoe Garton was one of the first contributors to the Catwalk Yourself project. She has a fervour for fashion and graduated with a BA (Hons) in History at University College London. Zoe is responsible for our Ready-to-Wear and Haute Couture sections.

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