Vivienne Westwood Red Label

Spring – Summer 2014 – From darkness arose a red spotlight on the runway as a wild haired women clothed in a floor-length gown appeared. Stood central on an elevated platform, the figure began to dance in a haunting nature to spiralling music whilst she swept lengthy, draping fabric across the floor circulating clouds of sand. The elegant, witchy women turned out to be non other than the fiery red head, Lily Cole. The opening sequence was inspired by a passage from Hans Christian Anderson’s The Red Shoes: a story about a spoilt, vein girl condemned to dance till death.

Lights arose once the dance ended and a simple rustic runway became visible. Equally as wild haired were the models, face-painted in a beautifully ghoulish fashion. Fully aware of the English weather, Westwood crafted coats with cut out collars and a belted mac. Mixed tartan tailoring, floral patterns and high-waist trousers sealed the strong, signature collection.


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Written by Emma L. Jones

Emma Louise, A fashion and adrenaline junkie who is drawn to bold colours, the controversial as well as the beauty of minimalism. She is fascinated with all things creative and cultural: loves to travel, write and make films that contemplate the psychological and physical aspects of human-life scenarios. Emma is a Photography and Journalism graduate, currently looking after the RTW NY and London fashion weeks.

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