Julien Macdonald

Spring – Summer 2014 – “My designs are sexy, high octane, powerful and liberating” said Julien MacDonald, and that they certainly they are. His spring/summer ’14 collection was an eternal cascade of crystals draping glittering gowns that caressed the body, whilst the alluring nymph-like models glided the runway at Goldsmith’s hall. True to his label, the location echoed the upmost elegance and glamour with plush carpets underfoot and tiered chandeliers shimmering above.

Although his designs assert sex appeal with intricately woven spirograph-like panelled, bandeau dresses in the ultimate seductive shade, black. He literally lightens the affair opting for a trapeze artist to sultry siren take, blushed in metallic palettes of champagnes, silvers, bronze and jewel embellished nudes: Julien MacDonalds love for showgirl’s undoubtedly shines through. The highlights, cobweb sheer fabrics gently flowing upon the body, virtually transcendent fishnet gowns with intricate details and embellished, fig leaf positioned dresses: certainly a collection for the courageous goddesses.


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