Autumn-Winter 2014/15 – Making a statement this season with king fisher bird stitching was Giles Deacon and his AW14 ready-to-wear collection.

In his imaginative and edgy collection Giles Deacon combined a varietyof different fabrics, colours and influences to create a series of statement worthy pieces. Among the variety of prints were digital portrayals of calla lilies and graphic, geometric shapes. Furthermore, adding an extra layer of memorability to the collection was the king fisher bird stitching as, not only did it look beautiful, it was entirely unlike any other stitching we’ve seen this season.

The electrifying colour palette saw bursts of bright orange and cobalt blue clash with edgy, monochrome pieces. At the same time, the combination of the clashing fabrics gave the collection a rebellious feel as mixing neon patterned tweed with quilted leather shouldn’t have worked, yet Giles proved all of us wrong by ensuring that it did.

However, despite its many attention grabbing attributes, there were also a series of simplistic, classic pieces within the range. The series of gowns added elegance and the loose tailoring added a layer of ease and fluidity.

 This season Giles stayed true to his love of digital prints and statement pieces and gave us a collection that was truly worth remembering.


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Written by Orla Wallis

Currently in her final year at De Montfort University studying Journalism and Film. With a lifelong love affair with both fashion and the written word, Orla will move to London after she graduates and become a successful fashion journalist

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