Autumn-Winter 2014/15 – Creating what was arguably the most heavenly collection this season was Erdem Moralioglu and his AW14 ready-to-wear range.

Erdem Moralioglu, a designer who likes to include colour in his range, presented us with a breathtaking colour palette this season. The collection combined sultry, pastel greys with black, gold and cream shades. Sparkle crept its way in and added charm to the collection through the series of ornate floral embellishments.

Erdem’s collection combined some truly exquisite fabrics including sheer, lace and jacquard metallics. Whilst the textured metallics added sophistication to the collection the old fashioned lace added wealth and grandeur.

Undeniably, femininity was the pinnacle point of this collection. The combination of the fitted, tailored pieces with the swaying, flowing sections added a dreamy aesthetic to the collection. The neat, fabric folds added structure, but in the end it came down to the velvet fabrics to add softness.

 Epitomising true elegance with his latest collection, Erdem Moralioglu’s AW14 range was rich with opulence, taste and beauty.

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Written by Orla Wallis

Currently in her final year at De Montfort University studying Journalism and Film. With a lifelong love affair with both fashion and the written word, Orla will move to London after she graduates and become a successful fashion journalist

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