Alberta Ferretti

Autumn-Winter 2014/15 – Does everyone remember the time when socks with sandals were an absolute fashion faux pas??

Oh good, me too.

Not anymore though, it would seem. Alberta Ferretti’s ready-to-wear Autumn line has renovated this idea and completely turned it on it’s head.

From the first three outfits that appear, it is clear to see a definitive pattern of forestry and the wilderness. The camouflage greens and the murky browns conduct the illusion of nature.

There is also a hint of the medieval era, the lines and delicateness in which materials fall; the off-the-shoulder necklines, decorated in lace give substance to the box fitted skirts.

Blends of lace mixed with chiffon and tweed is the ultimate give away in the nature front, textures form the leaves and the trees; it reminds me of the fairytales you used to read as a child of mythical creatures and fairies in the woods. Exploring the abilities of fashion mixed with the outdoors.


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Written by Amy Evans

Graduated from University College Falmouth with a Bachelors Degree in Journalism. I have a large weakness for fashion and a love for designers as well as a strong passion for writing and blogging. With experience working at London Fashion Week, a fashion blog up and running and previous work published, I am prepared to take the Fashion Journalism world by storm!

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