Autumn – Winter 2013/14 

It was a breath of fresh air at Thakoon with winter florals and blossoms brightening up the wintery outdoors on the New York streets. Lace inserts were produced as pannelling on the top half and hems of dresses – sultry yet signifcant and attractive. Winter dresses in thick woolen fabrics were teamed with fur stoles draped comfortably around the neck and tied in with a belt.

Use of print was kept to a minimum apart from the winter wildflowers and a gentle leopard print on just one wrap, coat and dress. Colours were calm throughout – nothing with too much resemblance to summer despite the effort to create a fresh collection. Trouser and skirt suits differed from the constant array of dresses but the glittering navy and black fabric was a dazzling effect to add. The Thakoon collection remained sophisticated and dignified with no sign of a chill to be felt.

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Written by Lauren Fitzsimmons

Lauren Fitzsimmons could be considered as an all-round fashion geek with an additional passion for travel, photography and writing. She studies International Fashion Marketing in Manchester and is currently responsible for Catwalk Yourself communications.

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