Marc Jacobs

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Autumn – Winter 2013/14 

Marc Jacobs rounded of a sensational week of fashion with one of his iconic show settings. The open show space was lit up by a giant sepia-glow ball creating an exciting atmosphere for what was to come. Marc’s collection seemed to show a lot of flesh considering it was for the fall season, with one look being a fishnet glove covering a naked model torso. Shorts were the definition of short and the naked body seemed to be hidden by oversized wool and fur coats.

Evening dresses sparkled with sequins and the shimmering fabric effect dazzled onlookers. A slumber party also seemed to be in order with a strong pyjama resemblance throughout, including a glimpse of the designer in his very own bedroom attire at the end. It was a breathtaking end to the week with a dramatic runway show and a comfortable collection only Marc himself could pull off.

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Written by Lauren Fitzsimmons

Lauren Fitzsimmons could be considered as an all-round fashion geek with an additional passion for travel, photography and writing. She studies International Fashion Marketing in Manchester and is currently responsible for Catwalk Yourself communications.

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