Autumn – Winter 2013/14

The iconic British brand has taken heritage luxe to a new level, the outerwear heavy collection contained look after look of covetable designs as the classic Mulberry aesthetic was reinvented for the new season.

Designer Emma Hill has been at the helm since 2007 and her off beat, textile heavy approach has been slowly transforming the well-established brand ever since. This season Emma pushed Mulberry further, taking the classic British look and infusing it with aspects of Parisian chic and luxury. The collection retained Emma’s whimsical design attitude with dramatic skater skirts paired with flared trousers and woodland creatures appearing on dresses or woven into coats.

It wouldn’t be a Mulberry show however without an endless parade of utterly gorgeous handbags, nearly every of the 40 looks were accompanied by a Mulberry bag. There was a clear heritage focus throughout the collection and the inclusion and showcasing of bags such as the classic Bayswater, with a new metal handle, continued this.

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Written by Roanna Price

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