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Autumn-Winter 2013/14 

Marc Jacobs played with the idea of a luxury hotel for his latest collection for renowned fashion house Louis Vuitton. The show was set up with doors all around the catwalk, from which models emerged dressed in various elegant looks, or in varying states of undress. The designs were sumptuous, enchanting and very seductive, there were silk knickers, fur coats, floor length devore velvet dresses and revealing slips.

Marc said his inspiration for the collection came from 50 different women, some real, some imaginary but each, whether friend or fantasy, had her own style. He described these women as romantic, erotic, decadent and glamorous, and his collection epitomized all those things and more.

The collection embodied everything that Louis Vuitton is, but with added suggestive and flirtatious elements Marc brought a whole new feel to the brand.

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Written by Roanna Price

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