Hussein Chalayan

Autumn-Winter 2013/14 

Hussein Chalayan has always been a strongly conceptual designer, his latest collection called ‘Rise’ looked at a fleeting transcient movement up and down. What this translated to on the catwalk was a decidedly urban collection that featured such staples as jeans, biker jackets and jumpers. These creations aren’t the usual fair you would expect from Hussein, but of course being a boundary pushing designer they weren’t just any wardrobe staples, they were striking and intense looks with a distinct sense of cool.

Hussein also introduced a lot of print work into the collection, which worked astoundingly well. The prints conveyed a range of textural effects from ripped apart billboards to thermal electricity. These prints places across classic items we all know and love, except twisted and remade by Hussein, was enchanting and original.


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Written by Roanna Price

Roanna Price, fascinated by the escapism, imagination and conversation that can be conjured in the glossy page of fashion writing. Journalism graduate in Liverpool Roanna is responsible for our Top Model Biographies section.

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