Autumn – Winter 2013/14

The audience were mesmerised as Giles Deacon filled the Stationers Hall with the best of 18th Century Fashion. His latest collection was a dramatic, dark and elegant series of billowing sleeves, dresses and capes. The clothes combined to summon up a gothic painting, mysterious, restrained and inviting.

Never one to shy away from pushing boundaries, Giles presented floor length ball gowns, which rippled with luxurious, printed silk and contrasted them with oversized knitted hats. The designer also updated his signature laser-cut leather pieces for the new season sending out glistening gold dresses with intricate abstract patterns cut in. The colour palette lifted the collection even more, adding to the historic luxe feel with earthy, rich colours. There were added touches of brocade too, which cemented the theme.

The collection was intricate down to the last detail and was utterly luxurious; Giles infused 18th Century tailoring with elements of sleepwear and produced a seamless parade of dramatic elegance.




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Written by Roanna Price

Roanna Price, fascinated by the escapism, imagination and conversation that can be conjured in the glossy page of fashion writing. Journalism graduate in Liverpool Roanna is responsible for our Top Model Biographies section.

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