Autumn – Winter 2013/14

Erdem Moralioglu is the well-established master of floral’s and colour, delivering season after season of beautiful, enticing and decorative designs. This season marked a change of direction for fashion favourite Erderm and a play on duality as he presented a collection of mostly all black looks.

The collection was an intricate blend of delicate lace, floral embroidery, sheer panels, polka dots and feathers. The muted colour palette helped to tone down a wide variety of textures and fabrics. The looks’s communicated a maturing and growing up and were very accomplished; pieces achieved delicacy, beauty and wearability all at once.

Erdem has created a dark, mysterious and moody collection that exploits the dark side of his design instincts and shows us just how beautiful black can be.




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Written by Roanna Price

Roanna Price, fascinated by the escapism, imagination and conversation that can be conjured in the glossy page of fashion writing. Journalism graduate in Liverpool Roanna is responsible for our Top Model Biographies section.

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