Alberta Ferretti

Autumn-Winter 2013/14

Alberta Ferratti drew on her natural, engrained design philiosophy for her most recent collection and presented a series of looks that dripped with elegance. Alberta has always been able to create the perfect draped look and has a history of showing elegant, feminine designs. For this collection she took her natural talent for sumptuous eveningwear and ran with it to perfection.

The designs were sleek in a nearly entirely monochrome palette with the occasional lift of red, purple or yellow. The restrained colours added to the timeless, season-less feel of the pieces. The collection felt confident and accomplished, the tailoring was prim but there was added sensuality from touches of lace, embroidery, velvet and sheet panelling. Alberta showed her work at it’s very charming best.

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Written by Roanna Price

Roanna Price, fascinated by the escapism, imagination and conversation that can be conjured in the glossy page of fashion writing. Journalism graduate in Liverpool Roanna is responsible for our Top Model Biographies section.

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