Gianfranco Ferré

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Autumn-Winter 2011/12 –  A favourite for the superrich, Ferré’ created a collection that was as smooth and sophisticated as ever for this AW. Opening with a radiant white coat, Ferré set the tone for straight edges and large double breasted collaring with his white coat; the narrow belting brought the domineering coats in at the waist creating a feminine yet powerful guise. Clearly, to being, it was the collar that dominated here: shift dresses had slightly raised collars, whilst a black coat-dress had a vampish feel with the collar raised up to the contours of the face. Next came the silver and navy lame dresses panelled in velvet, and the cashmere tops teamed with cream pencil skirts exuberated power and sophistication. Skinny fitted trousers calmed the indulgent coats and tops before the sexy eveningwear emphasised the lady of the night: backless tops fell into silver waistbands and bodices bound in black glitter shimmered down the catwalk. Sexy and super-powerful, what more can a woman want.

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Written by Zoe Garton

Zoe Garton was one of the first contributors to the Catwalk Yourself project. She has a fervour for fashion and graduated with a BA (Hons) in History at University College London. Zoe is responsible for our Ready-to-Wear and Haute Couture sections.

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