Rochas Women Spring Summer 2016

Forget the clothes for one moment, and drink in the eccentric fabulousness of the shoes in Rochas’ SS16 collection. Pointed, flat, with ruched fabric. Impractical? Yes, but the canary yellow ones are too wacky to ignore. The rest of Alessandro Dell’Aqua’s designs were a mixed bag of some beautiful pieces, and some really rather disappointing ones.

Like his last SS collection, Dell’Aqua used sheer georgette in many of his designs, layered over t shirts that felt sports luxe in premise. A dusky rose lace dress, finishing mid way down the shin in length, was draped over a white, sporty t-shirt and short combination that wouldn’t look out of place at Wimbledon.   The collection was an amalgamation of concepts, and the result felt rather disjointed.

Brocading was prevalent, as were satin floral prints, waxed pieces in pastel colours, and sheer layering. Dell’Aqua would have benefitted from going with just one or two main themes, instead of cramming many in that didn’t really make any sense.

The mustard yellow satin dress complete with large bow that quite literally made the model look like a Christmas present sealed the cherry upon the cake of hideousness. However, many of Dell’Aqua’s pieces allowed for his talents to truly flourish, and more than made up for his losses.

Rochas Women Spring Summer 2016


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Written by Abigail Rose

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