Rick Owens

Rick Owens Woman Autumn-Winter 2016 – As with many other designers, draping was a key component of Rick Owens’ collection.

Narrow, structured coats cascaded down to the lower legs, encasing the loose dresses underneath to create a strong, elongating and flattering lines. The pieces mainly gathered together around the hips, layering out by the knees which added volume and movement to the fabric.

Several pieces comprised of long cloaks that not only shaped the draped materials beneath them but added a regal edge through their creation in mint green and grey velvet. Other looks were made up of elaborate mohair wrapped around the body in layered dresses or comprised of oversized puffa jacket materials, which more often than not seemed to overwhelm the models, expanding beyond their bodies’ silhouettes as large selections of additional folded material.

The chosen colour scheme of creamy, grey and green tones also gave the pieces a sci-fi edge, evoking something other-worldly, an attribute emphasised by the knee-high leather boots with flat rubber soles. This reached its climax with the models’ hair design. where many of their faces were covered by a bubble of coloured matted hair much like a cloud or astronaut helmet that continuously emphasised the zany atmosphere of the collection.

Rick Owens Woman Autumn-Winter 2016


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Written by Becki Murray

Becki is a soon-to-be graduate from the University of Bristol, where she studies English Literature. She loves to seek out new and exciting fashion stories and can be found leading the search for the perfect LBD.

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