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Pringle of Scotland Woman Spring Summer 2017 – Wool was a staple in Pringle of Scotland’s Spring Summer 2017 collection. This collection was innovative in designing and styling the brands heritage fabric of choice, wool, to suit the modern woman. The collection brought knitwear to the forefront of SS17 styling, extending the use of knitwear to use in a versatile way for items such as dresses, trousers, tunics and jumpsuits.

The brand effectively used shape in this dimensional collection. With long lines, straight edges and block shapes created by the clothing, the pieces seemed part of a larger pattern. Layering was a key aspect of the shape, with oversized tunics layered over trousers, long shirts over trousers and layered tops. On shirts fabric was bound round shoulders above puffed up sleeves. Dresses were kept long, with ruching to the skirt, asymmetrical lengths and thigh high slits. Similarly, the trousers also had slits along the seams, to create a billowing movement on the catwalk.

The pieces in the collection demonstrated an effective clash of colours and patterns. A heavily used pattern was gingham, which was used in bright red and white on dresses and dark tones of black, grey, darker reds and whites for shirts and trousers. The gingham was also subtly presented in some of the knitwear pieces which were like a patchwork of styles. Presented in navy, white and neutral shades these patchwork pieces combined layered patterns of gingham, plain shades and frayed wool, again demonstrating their emphasis on layering for this season.

This collection brought an edge from Pringle that has not been seen before. With effortless make up, choker accessories and bold designs such as the fringing, this really seemed a collection designed to suit everyone. The seemingly effortless collection extended the potential audience for the brand. A new edgy approach was brought with see-through knitwear, large check print, stripes, misbuttoned cardigans and off-shoulder necklines. Pringle brought a new edge to knitwear, moving away from conventional ideas and progressing forward with the times.

Pringle of Scotland Woman Spring Summer 2017


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