Prada Woman Autumn-Winter 2017-18 – Miuccia Prada took inspiration from the movie title, City of Women. The FW17 collection evoked ’50s and ’60s femme fatales from the pin-up girls printed on dresses and skirts to the feminist movie and book posters that covered the set. Even the seating area was designed to resemble a young women’s bedroom. Miuccia was fun and vivacious in this collection, playing up youth and daring. There’s a red cocktail dress that especially screams, “I am here!” Prada’s skill at dressing the female form is quite established. Her challenge this time around was “sneaking in,” as she puts it, some political messages. Namely, that the fight for women’s rights continues. This theme pervaded more so in the atmosphere than the clothes. But the clothes could certainly be a young social justice warrior’s uniform. The woman who doesn’t care about living up to some aspirational beauty standard, and dresses for herself. You can see this in the mix-and-match styling, fuzzy skirts and coats, and knee boats that focus of comfort than height. There was a bit of a ’90s vibe that came through with the bra tops and loose pants, but for the most part the appeal to the mid-century aesthetic was present and clear. And so was the feminist refrain: “We are here!”

Prada Woman Autumn-Winter 2017-18


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Written by Suzette Dorrielan

Suzette is a freelance writer who specializes in the areas of fashion, design and culture. Currently, she is studying the University of the Arts pursuing an MA.

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