Prada Woman Autumn-Winter 2016 – Fur sleeves and arm bands are quickly becoming the norm for AW16, and Miuccia Prada’s catwalk confirmed this, as well Italian designers’ penchant for gathering different elements together for unique and eclectic visions.

This collection serves as a sequel to the nautical narrative she began with her menswear collection back in January, with the Prada woman lamenting the loss of her sailor by borrowing aspects of his style. The models burrowed the same melancholic expression as their male counterparts, yet the complexity of their emotions is reflected through their choice of attire and the juxtaposition of patterns, coating and fabrics.

Prada ushered in the comeback of opaque tights, and when combined with the tweed fieldcoats and skirts the argyle hosiery echoed a heritage vibe. Prada wished to simultaneously enrich the waist through corsets of leather and twill, as well as obscure it with mountains of layering of prints and contrasting fabrics. In some cases the corsets where tightened further with thick belt straps, whilst miniature handbags hung from them.

Patchwork wool and puffy sleeves combined for unpredictably outlandish outcomes, while hints of velour made for whimsically plush looks. The collection also contained the airs of exploration, owed maybe to the diverse amounts of accessories hanging from the necklines.

Prada Woman Autumn-Winter 2016

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