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Prabal Gurung Woman Autumn-Winter 2017-18 – Prabal Gurung displayed a stunningly, elegant collection to the backdrop of female empowerment, love and acceptance. The message was subtle at first, with the soundtrack to the show being the word ‘power’ remixed with clips of Aretha Franklin’s ‘respect.’ If it wasn’t clear by the time ‘you don’t own me’ by Lesley Gore, by the end of the show Gurung’s message was clear and powerful.

It-girl Bella Hadid opened the show in an oversized wool parka with an elaborate fur trim, and her deliberately leisurely stroll set the tone of the rest of the show. Amongst many of the trends seen down the runway, Gurung seemed to favour oversized, detailed sleeves on many of his designs, showcasing voluminous fur and wool.

The rest of the collection followed a feminine and elegant tone, with casual style wrap dresses, skirts and blouses in neutral tones interspersed with flashes of lemon yellow. A collection of formal gowns which displayed layers, tassels and head to toe glitter finished this portion of the show, which felt like a collection within a collection.

Gurung saved his ultimate message until last, which saw the models finish the show dressed with tailored trousers and skirts, and all wearing simple t shirts with a range of messaged emblazoned on the front; ‘the future is female,’ ‘love is the resistance,’ ‘voices for choices.’ Each model wore Raf Simon’s white bandana on their wrist, and Prabal closed the show wearing a t-shirt that read, ‘this is what a feminist looks like.’ Gurung didn’t just show his support for the message, but he created a collection of elegant and feminine clothes, set to the literal theme tune of female empowerment and resistance to the current political climate of America.

Prabal Gurung Woman Autumn-Winter 2017-18


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