PPQ Women Spring Summer 2016 – Renowned for their innovative streetstyle looks, PPQ’s unique combination of fashion and music influences bring out our inner wild child.

After a strictly monochrome palette last season, design duo Amy and Percy kick started the collection with some colour, blue to be exact. Matchy- matchy was the look of the day with head to toe graphic prints, even the show space was coordinated. Panelled leather biker jackets and platform heels toughened up ruffle mini dresses. Hair took inspiration from Studio 54, slicked down at the top with big 70’s style texture at the bottom.

Keeping things simple, the show progressed and reverted to monochrome. Laser cut necklines, sheer blouses and thigh high splits provided some daring evening looks whilst an all white 70’s style catsuit reinforced the disco vibe. There was a definite hint of 80’s influence with the asymmetric ruffles on cocktail dresses and cropped midriffs. Elegant white gowns finished the show and made sure there really was something for every occasion. A brand with such versatility proves why it is favoured by the young, hip elite.

PPQ Women Spring Summer 2016


Hair & Make up


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Written by Kim Wallace

Kim is a fashion graduate, stylist and writer who is chasing the fashion dream. She is a magpie for all things metallic and has a weakness for accessories, colour and quirky details.

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