Ports 1961

Ports 1961 Woman Spring Summer 2017 – Port 1961 was a show of simplicity. The silhouette was slouchy and comfortable and models walked barefoot or in simple platform sandals. Stripes were the main ticket this season. They dominated the catwalk in a variety of colours.

Loose shirt and trouser ensembles with deckchair prints in green and blue opened the show. Trousers were generally slim whilst shirts were oversized with caped sleeves. Large sack bags with rope straps added to the nautical feel of the show, as did the folded striped mats carried under the models’ arms.

This slowly transitioned into an assembly of knitted midi dress, again bearing the signature stripe of this season. Here they were less uniformed and came in bright warm shades. Unlike the rest of the collection these were form fitting and bared shoulders and arms, contrasting the shapelessness of the earlier pieces.

Retro floral prints in a rainbow colours contrasted the repetitive stripes of earlier pieces, adding colour and vibrancy. Here trousers were flared and the modern show was given a 70s twist.

Ports 1961 Woman Spring Summer 2017


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