Paul Smith

Paul Smith Women Autumn-Winter 2015 – Adored for his effortless tailoring and undeniable chic, Paul Smith delivered a collection that ran parallel to his menswear through the incorporation of both oversized check and skinny silhouettes.

There were no motives or eccentric themes behind his collection, with Smith instead arguing in preference for clothes that are wearable and easy to adapt in relation to the rest of your wardrobe. Not too dissimilar to his muted motivation, the colour palette was also low-key with Smith opting for classic monochrome with interjections of Autumnal yellow, browns and burgundies. Whilst overall tailoring alluded to  the masculine, Smith’s collection was flawlessly feminine with duster coats and satins in cream and rose infusions being used to prevent the defeminisation of women. Empowering females with a confident collection fitted black and grey suits provided for those seeking structure and sophistication, whilst looser fittings also catered for those who crave comfort.

A stream of sunshine however did come through Smith’s bright yellow shearling coats which provided the perfect ending to a wet rainy London day.

Paul Smith Women Autumn-Winter 2015

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Written by Natalie Horsley

Natalie is an English graduate whose interest in fashion began at an early age. A writer and blogger, she is passionate about vintage and French fashion and cites Audrey Hepburn as her ultimate style icon.

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