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Oliver Spencer Woman Austumn-Winter 2016 – see now buy now – This collection was a successful creation of wearable designs combined with the use of high quality fabrics and design structures. This combination was a particular focus for Oliver Spencer for Spring Summer 2017.

Oliver Spencer paired a colour palette of burnt oranges, earth-like browns, dark reds, greys and midnight blues with a multitude of materials, such as velvet, leather, suede and quality wools.

Knitwear was a key component of the collection. Striped knit tank tops were layered over blue shirts and striped knit jumpers were combined with matching scarves. This knitwear contributed to the emphasis of layering, an overall theme of the collection.

A significant pattern found amongst the designs was check and tartan. Tartan was designed in navy blue with red stripes, and this pattern was found on trousers, jackets and coats. Check shirts were layered under dark burgundy velvet jackets and paired with grey striped trousers.

Outerwear consisted of blue and tartan coats, black suit jackets, brown rain coats and taupe hoodie styled coats. In addition to this Oliver Spencer’s signature bomber was recreated in a camel shade suede. There were black velvet coats, grey mis-buttoned jackets and knit striped cardigans. Each of these reinforced the emphasis on layering, Oliver Spencer’s focus.

Oliver Spencer Woman Austumn-Winter 2016 – see now buy now


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Written by Lorna Barry

Lorna is a recent graduate from Newcastle University. She has a love of fashion, art and travelling and enjoys being creative in any way she can. She loves to keep up to date with fashion and is always on the hunt for her next pair of shoes.

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