N21 Woman Spring Summer 2017 – The N21 show opened in pure white. Lace and fishnet added a touch of sultriness whilst pompoms swung from the models’ hips. Skirts hit the mid-calf and waists were swiftly disregarded. Large shirts hung loose over any curve of the body and dresses were instead cinched above the chest allowing the fabric to fall freely over the entire figure.

Acid yellows offset the clean untainted whites. Hints of ruffles and furs added body to the pieces, swaying as they sashayed down the runway. Silver pleats could also be seen peeking out from under gauzy skirts.

The innocent whites of the early show swiftly turned to nightfall, as models appeared clothed only in black. One dress with puffy hips and a gathered waist resembled an urban jellyfish with black fringing and fishnet cascading down the legs.

Strappy shoes that laced the ankles switched between pointed heels and platform sandals. Jewellery was minimal but obvious. Single fringed strings of pompoms dangled from the ears and swung in time with footsteps.

N21 Woman Spring Summer 2017


Hair & Make up


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Written by Emma Kate Hall

Emma is an English student at King’s College London. She loves reading, writing and travelling and hopes to pursue a career in fashion journalism full time after her degree.

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