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Miu Miu Woman Autumn-Winter 2016 – Denim was a key staple of the Miu Miu collection, with the denim jackets an early highlight. Their punch was in the details, with boxy cuts, big buttons, shoulder patches and rolled up secured sleeves, drawing particular attention.

The layering of these jackets over light blue shirts with oversized lace collars added femininity to the looks, as did the short white skirts they were paired with, which also gave a summery vibe through the decision to have the models walk bare legged.

Springtime looks were also toughen up in the form of dark formal skirts and jackets, which also, with their more formal tailoring, added a sense of kooky sophistication to the collection. This was reinforced further by the appearance of short, tightly belted jackets that appeared to have nothing underneath.

A strong sense of tailoring continued throughout the pieces, but once again the designs played around with traditional feminine silhouettes. Widened shouldered jackets went to the hip, trousers went out at the thighs to become tapered at the calf and high waisted skirts were rolled up on one side in the same form as traditional jacket sleeves, adding a sense of youthful experimentation to the more fitted designs.

A particular highlight of this clash between spring and autumn was a long calf-length denim coat which was belted half-open to reveal a pleated white shirt underneath that just skimmed the model’s bare thighs, appearing both fun and provocative in its combination of winter layering and summer girliness.

In the same way, oversized and layered checked knitwear was also popular, appearing especially wearable, despite their pairing with fluffy flip flops, which seemed to give two-fingers to conventional seasonal divides.

Miu Miu Woman Autumn-Winter 2016


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