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Michael Kors Woman Spring Summer 2017 – The recognizable prep of Michael Kors flounced down the runway today in a clamour of springy prints, snaking through the crowd on a maze-like runway, to the sound of Rufus Wainwright singing California.

Busy florals and towering platform heels mixed with trench coats and blue stripes in the womenswear, the collared shirts, knit vests and peppy stripes echoing in the menswear. Preppy ‘70’s cuts, from white suits to puffed shoulders and swinging sleeves, were given a upbeat feeling in bright colors and patterns. Jackets and coats defined shoulders, while loose sweaters and soft cardigans relaxed lines elsewhere. Bright pink and green floral patterns brought grandmotherly housecoats to mind, but the comparison stops there: a youthful bustier, playful shorts, and a sexy leg-revealing dress are just a few examples of the pieces the pattern decorated. Sheer, frill, and deep necklines separated the evening looks, one a sparkling skirt and jacket, slitted high along the thigh and worn without a shirt. A belted white coat over a black dress with long, pointed lapels brings disco to mind, a theme repeated through the collection.

Few looks did not feature a wide belt, and high-waisted swimsuits with ruffles and floral details brought the idea of a poolside summer to the forefront. Blue knit sweaters with the word ‘love’ in white block letters appeared in both men and womenswear, paired with loose grey slacks on one model, and a blue collared shirt covered in white daisies at the collar and cuffs on another. An upbeat, preppy effect seems to be Kors’ tone for spring, a ‘70’s themed garden party at moments, and a night at the disco at others.

Michael Kors Woman Spring Summer 2017


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