Mary Katrantzou

Mary Katrantzou Woman Spring Summer 2017 – Intricate detail is a trademark of Mary Katrantzou’s designs and this collection once again demonstrated why. She is recognised for her elaborate prints and intricate detail, both of which were key elements of this collection.

The designer outstandingly combined psychedelic prints alongside her inspiration from Ancient Greece. This is an acknowledgement of the Greek designer’s heritage, which for this collection she successfully incorporated into her designs. The designs had Greek artwork, such as designs found of Greek vases, patterns; and colours, such as burnt orange and blacks, all incorporated into Katrantzou’s signature style.

The audience was dazzled by the combination of ideas, designs and colours. The prints and patterns which made up a majority of the collection, alongside Ancient Greek ideas and artwork, were inspired by sixties artwork. These consisted of bold designs, such as swirls and check prints, clashing ideas, an array of colours and vibrant shapes. Many of these were often hard to focus on and were disorientating.

Another area Mary Katrantzou displayed her knowledge and superior craftsmanship was in the emphasis on femininity. The pieces in the collection, each intricately designed, were structured and arranged to effectively communicate womanly bodies. Prints were strategically placed and the fabric was positioned to create silhouettes of hour-glass figures, the epitome of femaleness. These shapes, alongside Greek designs, strong 60s prints and statement earrings, were all constructed to create a strong wardrobe of defiance for a strong woman, and looking at her inspiration she was referring to designs from eras of female empowerment.

The audience was wowed by Katrantzou’s designs and complementing this was the subtle hair and make-up. Hair was left long, sleek and glossy, other conventional attributes of womanliness. Makeup was simple, except from the bold lip which again links to the attitude from the bold prints and patterns.

Mary Katrantzou Woman Spring Summer 2017


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Written by Lorna Barry

Lorna is a recent graduate from Newcastle University. She has a love of fashion, art and travelling and enjoys being creative in any way she can. She loves to keep up to date with fashion and is always on the hunt for her next pair of shoes.

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