Manish Arora

Manish Arora Woman Autumn-Winter 2016 – It was all about loud patterns at Manish Arora as the designer continued his signature use of strikingly prints.

Despite the use of a wide range of colours, ranging from bright pinks and browns to blues, oranges and blacks, the pieces’ block tones were quite earthy, often light brown and nude, or denim, letting the colourful embroidery and prints do their very loud talking.

Tribal and ethnic prints were everywhere, creating looks that were loud, eye-catching and full of texture, clashing just-so so that the pieces came together successfully. Hand-stitched denim was littered with hippie style patterns in lime greens and hot pinks, but there was still a sense of grown-up tailoring in the long buttoned-at-the-front skirt.

In another piece, the denim evoked a western theme, embroidered with wagons and pistols to neatly link with the chunky cowboy inspired leather belts that clinched in many of the designs. Equally elaborately crafted were the cowboy boots worn with all the looks, tying all the cultural symbols together to create a mixing pot of loud, elaborate colours and symbols.

The models’ hair was also styled to make an impact, elevated into crimped often half-up buns, occasionally adorned with a brightly coloured headband. And the eye-catching accessories didn’t stop there. One look also included a red jeweled face and head mask, perfectly embodying the sense of slightly pompous glamour surrounding the whole collection

But the cutest accessory of all? A purple coloured Pomeranian dog, who still managed to stand out and steal the show after being carried in lieu of a handbag by one of the models.

Manish Arora Woman Autumn-Winter 2016


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Written by Becki Murray

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