Hackett London

Spring-Summer 2015 – Hackett London’s latest spring/summer collection focused on the Brit’s obsession with sports. Tailored suits and double-breasted coats in vivid colours made an appearance on the runway. Some of the navy coloured outfits resembled sailors’ uniform. Leather jackets emerged twice, which fitted well with the sports theme of the collection. Blazers appeared frequently with one particular blue blazer that makes a statement. V-neck sweaters and stripes were reminiscent of polo. Mixing classic prints was also seen in the collection, as a tie with polka dots was paired with a striped blazer, which strangely complemented each other.

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Written by Thuvika Ganesh

An aspiring journalist who is devoted to fashion and believes that fashion is not just about that Little Black Dress, but the society that we live in, as Coco Chanel once said, "Fashion is not something that exists in dresses only." A second year Journalism student at University of the Arts London.

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