Alexander McQueen

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Spring-Summer 2014 – This season Alexander Mcqueen has used mainly white to keep this collection looking fresh and summery. There are lightweight fabrics, shorter pieces and sleeveless garments, all of which we would expect for this season. Throughout, the collection seems to become more monochromatic, with hints of black on buttons and pockets and then black jackets with white patterned shirts underneath.

This collection scream androgyny, from the tight fitted suit jackets, to the knee length culotte style shorts. Team these up with Mary Janes and the collection could be worn by either gender. There are crocheted tank tops, wallpaper-esque patterns adorned with roses, and I’m pretty sure I saw butterflies decorating a matching two piece suit.

There are also some knee length jackets over trousers, which at first glance look like dresses, playing homage to the dress-over-trousers combination that we have seen in womenswear for the upcoming season.


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