Dries Van Noten

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Spring-Summer 2013 – Dries Van Noten wanted to convey a feeling on camouflage in this collection which he managed with ease as there was a camouflage for every occasion. He focussed on a plethora of tastes and graphic designs, and printed on lightweight fabrics like viscose, silk and cotton giving the pieces a certain delicacy. He said he wanted to include a sporty element and in keeping with the elegance of the collection focussed more on a sport like fencing, with padded white vests and strappy jackets, a stylish sport which visually is more like a dance. He also combined a Velcro finish on luxury fabrics, resulting in an important combination Van Noten this season, crass elegance.

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Written by Jemma De Blanche

Jemma De Blanche is a fashion and lifestyle journalist with a background in marketing and copy-writing, is in awe of all things creative and loves getting lost in a good book, a beautiful picture or the creativity of new collection. Jemma handles the Fashion in Film pages and the Men's catwalk reviews.

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