Vivienne Westwood

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Spring-Summer 2013 – Westwood herself says that the collections inspiration came first from the idea of a picnic. A great British pastime, in the year of Great Britain, there was bound to be tweeds, checks and cardigans. But Vivienne went further than that, taking influence from a hero for her Édouard Manet, an impressionist painter who is widely known for this work ‘The Luncheon on the Grass (Le déjeuner sur l’herbe)’.  The picnic in progress showed all kinds of scenarios, from grass and wine stains, admitted by Vivienne that they were prints recycled from previous collections, to the bohemian poet with loose white shirts, to the dapper gentleman complete with three piece suit and fedora. The whole show had an earthy feel about it, and the irony of recycling old prints was not lost on us in the attention it brought to Vivienne’s commitment to saving the world. Flower power in mind and she won’t let us forget it.

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Written by Jemma De Blanche

Jemma De Blanche is a fashion and lifestyle journalist with a background in marketing and copy-writing, is in awe of all things creative and loves getting lost in a good book, a beautiful picture or the creativity of new collection. Jemma handles the Fashion in Film pages and the Men's catwalk reviews.

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