Dolce & Gabbana

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Spring-Summer 2013 – Stefano Gabbana and Domenico Dolce definitely got people talking when they cast their whole show with 73 real Sicilian men and not a model in sight. The ‘models’ ranged from 12 to 43 years old and were anything from fishermen to waiters.  The collection called for it, making the whole show feel like you were enjoying a glass of wine in an outdoor café while watching the Sicilian villagers go about their everyday life. With Stefano saying “We wanted to put our clothes on real men because fashion should be for real people,” you could definitely see what he meant. It was easy to imagine summertime Sicily with their cool light fabrics from linen to silk, more casual, almost peasant like suits with dusty collars and short shorts with high waists. They managed to transport you to exactly the place where you might expect to be wearing their vision for Summer 2013.

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Written by Jemma De Blanche

Jemma De Blanche is a fashion and lifestyle journalist with a background in marketing and copy-writing, is in awe of all things creative and loves getting lost in a good book, a beautiful picture or the creativity of new collection. Jemma handles the Fashion in Film pages and the Men's catwalk reviews.

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