Jean Paul Gaultier

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Spring-Summer 2011 – Set in a steamy sauna, this collection definitely takes its influences form North Africa and Arabia. Its decadent shirts with low cut lace up v-necks and Harem trousers in suede and silk, embroidered tunics and Silky Shemaghs (scarves) are typical of Arabic dress. The models wear small skull caps and dress head to toe in brown leather, sheer underwear with a black satin bolero, silk suits with shorts, and light knit tunics with this white trousers. There is a hint towards safari wear with hot pant shorts typical of Jean Paul Gaultier’s style and pointed slip on brogues. He shows kilt like skirts and jumpsuits in royal blue and black linen, psychedelic satin dressing gowns and what looks like female bathing suits, depicting an over the top decadent style reminiscent of Versace in the eighties.

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Written by Jemma De Blanche

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