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Spring-Summer 2011 – Quite a sinister, dramatic music beat opens the Dior Homme Spring summer 2011 collection. Unusually for a spring summer collection Kris Van Assche sticks to neutral colours, white and grey but mainly black and has a sort of romantic feel to it. He shows shirts with a low v-neck instead of buttons in whites and blacks. The drapery of the jackets which fall down to the calf is exquisite and billows like a cape when the models walk, making one think of Casanova or D’Artagnan. He shows trench like coats, sleeveless and gathered on one side, collarless jackets and shirts, tank tops with open sides, and vest tops, giving the darker collection a slight military or martial arts look. His light grey looks are more lightweight and tops drape around the torso like a silk scarf. His trousers are perfectly tailored with a taper at the bottom. His only shoe is a black leather criss cross sandal that he teams with socks, in keeping with the contradiction of heavy and light in this collection.

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Written by Jemma De Blanche

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