Giorgio Armani

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Spring-Summer 2011 – This relatively standard collection for Giorgio Armani, entitled Sun and the city, was made slightly edgier than normal by the lick of eye make up on the models. The silk suits included double breasted jackets that opened at the bottom, the trousers had a shine to their silk, the lapels were edged with leather and fabrics were a floral lace or satin.  The majority of the collection was shown in greys and blues, industrial colours of the city and what most city men would deem acceptable and professional, then the sun came out in yellow leather jackets, belts and shoes, a small yellow calla lily worn in the lapel of the expected perfectly tailored suit. There was nothing groundbreaking about this collection, but it didn’t disappoint in what we have come to expect of Giorgio, immaculate formalwear.

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Written by Jemma De Blanche

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