Bottega Veneta

Autumn-Winter 2014/15 – Day 2 of the Milan Menswear fashion week and Bottega Veneta’s line has gotten heads turning with a blend of eras.

Starting with the casual grey and black combo. Think early chimney sweeps. Charcoal greys in basic jeans and simple tops with the addition of black disco material create a slightly sci-fi image. Loose fittings make the outfit more relaxed while at the same time following the codes of formality.

Following on from the standard shades, Bottega Veneta added the camouflage greens and military, uniform long line coats. The alternative to biker look giving the suave edge that only we know Johnny Depp to succeed in.

Sleek male frames in leather jackets only reaching to the waist whilst mixing it up with a line of knee-length coats for elongation. Strong boots and full length smart wear trousers, Bottega Veneta has experimented with texture and silhouettes adding in a dash of patterns and colours along the way.


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Written by Amy Evans

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