Junya Watanabe

Autumn-Winter 2013/14 

As part of the Comme des Garçons collective, Junia Watanabe gives you everything you need when you’ve used up your Comme des Garçons fix. This season, Watanabe brought the shabby gentlemen into the forefront and glorified him with rough designs mimicking the hard times of the past.

With a mixture of wools, tones and patterns, the Junya Watanabe garments came littered with panelling like a dishevelled pack of cards forming over suiting, trousers, coats and jackets. It was a consonance within the collection which held a smooth transition from each look in hues of grey, blue and browns.

So the street marcher bore jackets over trench coats, high rise jeans attached to braces, ill fitting check jackets and trilby hats with more extravagant garments found in the form of a puffed duffle and double-breasted coat. Long john’s added some comic relief away from the creased garments in blue stripes which peeped through under rolled up trousers and over shirts and jackets as a polo neck. The garments were bare of any bells and whistles and it worked keeping to the same aesthetic that makes Junia himself and Comme des Garçons a much loved fashion frontier.

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Written by Tobias Orrells

Tobias Orrells graduated from Liverpool John Moores University with a degree in International Journalism, however, steering away from news, has focused his creativity to reporting on the progression of men’s fashion. He is an avid writer and lover of fashion and music and combining the two helps create the icon profiles. Looking after the Catwalk Yourself Icons biographies

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