Jean Paul Gaultier

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Autumn-Winter 2013/14 

The couturier with no limits, Jean Paul Gaultier has become the jester of fashion. His shows always scented with fun and flamboyance, are a fashion celebration. This collection was especially a treat for the ladies…

Now I’m not saying that he put on a red light show or to resound more contemporary connotations, Magic Mike, but there were similarities in the soft light stage, where models all built, of course -removed items such as suiting and skirts, and got down into their skivvies.

So one by one garment’s such as pinstripe blazers and shirts, jersey blazer cut jumpers, glossy leather raincoats, pleated skirts, boiler suits, beige cropped suits, jewelled pull overs and lace dropped onto the floor. Some were left standing in long johns (one female model, obviously) and some not; I guess it was just the luck of the draw. Somewhere backstage, Jean Paul Gaultier must have been giggling.

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Written by Tobias Orrells

Tobias Orrells graduated from Liverpool John Moores University with a degree in International Journalism, however, steering away from news, has focused his creativity to reporting on the progression of men’s fashion. He is an avid writer and lover of fashion and music and combining the two helps create the icon profiles. Looking after the Catwalk Yourself Icons biographies

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