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Autumn-Winter 2013/14 

The warm glow of the candles created an intimate setting for the Givenchy show, a show in which its creator, Ricardo Tisci, who often finds solace in his designs through religion sparked it again for winter 2013 in an ominous collection that explored the themes and connotations of religion and the great unknown, death.

Monochrome with splashes of red graphics formed the pallet this season, and as models followed the curved candle runway, Givenchy statement pieces such as boxed crew necks were teamed with near the groin shorts whilst suiting featured zip detail around the edge of shoulders. Combat gear such as statement biker jackets with American football lace features added to the youthful edge to the collection whilst the pointed steel banded shoes and high-rise socks created the high fashion edge known and loved.

Skull prints on sheer crew necks with grey shirts underneath were in tune with last season from Givenchy, showing that for Ricardo, his exploration into Catholicism, is luckily far from over.


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Written by Tobias Orrells

Tobias Orrells graduated from Liverpool John Moores University with a degree in International Journalism, however, steering away from news, has focused his creativity to reporting on the progression of men’s fashion. He is an avid writer and lover of fashion and music and combining the two helps create the icon profiles. Looking after the Catwalk Yourself Icons biographies

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